Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (2023)

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Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (1)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (2)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (3)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (4)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (5)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (6)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (7)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (8)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (9)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (10)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (11)

Hayward 1.5-2.5HP In/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Sand Filter Pump Strainer (12)

1.5-2.5HP Swimming Pool Pump Motor Hayward w/ Strainer In/Above Ground 115-230V. 1.5 HP / 2 HP / 2.5HP / 1/3HP Swimming Pool Pump. Efficient Motor & Secure Work & Easy Operation. This swimming pool pump is made with heavy-duty, corrosion-proof construction. The stainless steel motor shaft is constructed with a reinforced thermoplastic body for longer life and durability. Advanced engineering provides high efficiency and minimal noise. This wonderful swimming pool pump will surely keep your above ground and inground pools clean. Please connect only to a grounding type receptacle protected by a ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI). To reduce the risk of electric shock, install at least 10 feet from the inside walls of a pool. Do not use an extension cord. This pump is for use with permanently installed pools only-Do not use with storable pools. 1.5 HP / 2 HP/ 2.5 HP / 1/3HP Premium Quality Copper Motors. Efficient Water Circulating System. Quality Standard for Security. Power: 1100W / 1500W / 1850W, Horse Power: 1.5HP / 2HP / 2.5HP, Voltage: 115V / 230 V, 110V. Our swimming pool pump comes with an overheat protection system which can be automatically disconnected when the motor is overheated. The entire body of the single-speed pump is made of reinforced ABS material, which ensures high strength and durability for a guaranteed long-lasting service without rust or abrasion. Furthermore, water containing disinfectants will create no problems for our pump. The effective water circulating system of this pool pump brings convenience to your daily life and eliminates water waste caused by water transfers. Our spa pump has ETL certification to ensure recognized standards of security, and an earthing terminal is included for providing an extra layer of security. You can get hose interfaces. Moreover, the transparent lid and large filtration basket provide great assistance for cleaning up the pump in no time. Indoor & Outdoor Application. The horsepower pump is specifically designed for all types of inground and above-ground pools to improve the water quality. However, both indoor and outdoor pools can be cleaned. Horsepower : 1.5 HP. Temp : 104 Degree Fahrenheit (40 Degree Celsius). Hmax : 15.5 Meter. Certification : CSA and ETL. Voltage : 110V / 60Hz. Head : Max 19m / 62.34ft. Inlet : 1.5 Internal. Outlet : 1.5 Internal. Pipe Compatibility : Fit 1.5 inch plumbing internally. Weight : 10.2 kg / 22.5 lbs. Here we provide you with 3 types of swimming pool pumps for your option: 1.5HP 115-230V, 2.0HP 115-230V, 2.5HP 110V. 1.5HP&2.0HP 110-240V Swimming Pool Pump. This Swimming Pool Pump has a ETL/CSA Certification to ensure recognized Standards for Safety. High performance, energy saving motor with stainless steel shaft could stand wear and tear. Thermally protected motor for greater protection and longevity. Extra-large debris basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum, letting you enjoy your pool more, while the clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning. Easy start up fill pump with water upon first use to prevent motor from overheating. Transparent cover helps to judge if the basket needs clean or not. Massive strainer basket holds extra capacity. Suggested Installation: 24″-26″ sand filter and above-ground pools. 304 grade stainless steel motor shaft, Powerful Pool Pump heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation. Strainer basket to minimize how often you have to empty it. See-through strainer cover for a fast and easy check of the strainer. Easy-thread strainer housing ring makes cover removal extremely easy. Dependability with carborundum and graphite mechanical seals and components molded of corrosion-proof, reinforced thermoplastic. Convenient drain plug makes winter maintenance easy. High Efficiency Impeller maximize flow and reduce noise while the energy efficient motor with commercial-grade frame; Internal Inlet Fitting: 1.5″ NPT (fit for 1.5″ male threaded adapter). 2.5HP 110V Swimming Pool Pump. Powerful Self-Priming IP55 2.5HP Electric Motor, low noise with quiet operation and no leak. Suitable for pools up to 100,000 litres. Advanced S-Tek Flow System For Increased Efficiency With Continuous Flow Rate Of 560L/min. Full Size Removable Strainer Basket. 100% Salt and Chlorine compatible. Full Commercial Duty – Designed to run 24/7. Works with In ground and Above Ground. Built-In Thermal Overload Protection. Ideal for Residential/Commercial Swimming Pools & Spa’s. 10 Sand Filter with 1/3HP Water Pump. Take the toil and frustration of pool cleaning out of your routine this summer. Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it with the Sand Filter Combo System. This 10-inch sand filter pump keeps your pool fresh and clean by utilizing sand to provide optimum filtration. You will have a complete, out-of-the-box filter system. Features a 0.35 horsepower motor with 3000 gallons per hour capacity pump that brings efficiency to your cleaning. Ideal for above-ground pools, this pump features a valve for filtering, backwashing, rinse, waste, recirculating, and close operations. You get the versatility you can count on. With this, you’ll have everything you need to move towards a cleaner, more comfortable pool. Sizable Capacity – This sand filter pump is housed in a one-piece 10-inch tank with a capacity of 42 pounds of sand that can filter above ground pools up to 10,000 gallons. Dependable Performance – This filter keeps the sand height level to expose water to the maximum sand surface level possible for optimum filtration, consistent performance, and efficient backwashing. Low Noise Design – This sand filter pump is designed and optimized for running with low noise, to make your work more comfortable and energy efficient. Simple and Easy to Use – 4-way valve, 3-prong plug w/ electric cable, portable, quick start and simple operation, take less than 5 minutes to install. Multi-Port Filter – Multi port provides for easy use and quick back-washing. 250kpa max working pressure. 5 way dial valve including filtration, backwash, rinse, waste, closed. Corrosion-proof and UV-resistant body. Underdrain with side-slotted laterals draws water evenly across the full diameter of the sand bed for higher flow, better filtration, longer cycles and more efficient backwashing. Standard pump and film filter base, easy to install and service. Suitable for pools of all types and sizes. For swimming pools up to 5,000-9,000 gal. Pump and filter are perfectly engineered to provide optimum flow rates that promote clean water quality. The 4-Way multi-port provides for easy use and quick back-washing. Pump strainer basket is the largest in its class with an easy-open, quick lock, transparent pump lid which means less work and more swimming. Sand filter pump is designed and optimized for running with low noise, to make your work more comfortable and energy-efficient. Each part of this sand filter pump is made from high-quality material, to ensure its stable running and long-lasting lifespan. The flow rate of 3000 Gallons Per Hour (50 Gallons Per Minute) swimming pool pump works swiftly and efficiently. The machine will protect users’ safety entirely with a built-in automatic thermal overload protector. Type : Sand Filter System. Pool Type : Above Ground. Filtration Area : 10000 Gallons. Alve Function : Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Waste, Winter. Pump Power : 1/3 HP. Max Flow Rate:180L/min. Work Efficienty: 2640 GPH. Effective filtration area : 0.05 m². Capacity : 3000 gallons per hour. Note: Our machine does not allow you to disassemble the cable. This product is the highest standard of UL certification. If you wire it yourself, the machine will not work properly. Thank you for your cooperation. The installation must be according to the normal power indicated on the label. The amperage must not at any time exceed the value indicated on the label 3. It is recommended that you consult a state-registered electrician. Place the pump in a dry area with good ventilation. The ambient temperature must not exceed 40 6. The pumps are only suitable for counter-clockwise rotation when viewing from the pump end. Three phase motors can rotate in either direction. Interchanging any of the cables on a three-phase motor will reverse the rotation. Momentarily start, or bump the motor without water in the tank, to check the rotation of the pump shaft. Before disconnecting electrical connections, shut off electricity at its source. Newer work on pump without making certain the power is OFF. This appliance is not intended for use by persons, including children with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a responsible for their safety Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. How to use 1. Locate the pump as close as possible to the pool. The pump suction line should not be smaller than the pressure line. All piping must be airtight 3. The threads on the pump must be sealed with Teflon Tape or Silicon, when the pump unions are screwed on. The weight of the piping should be supported independently and not carried by the pump. Fill the pump tank with water before starting. High suction lifts, or long suction lines, require additional time and reduce the performance of the pump. The water being pumped cools and lubricates the seal. After the pump tank has been filled with water, and the motot started, allow a few moments for the pump to start delivering water. Swimming Pool Pump X 1. We believe that it is our vision and mission to provide innovative products with best service and competitive price to satisfy you. Our goal is to make sure that you can find exactly what you are looking for and make it easy for you to place your orders. Please be aware that. Please DO NOT fill in the PO Box address. California Warehouse: City of Industry, CA. New York State Warehouse: Perth Amboy, NJ. Georgia Warehouse: Austell, GA. North Carolina Warehouse: Grove NC. Oregon Warehouse: AIRPORT WAY Portland, OR. If you need to return, please check twice to confirm the item not work and contact our customer service representative, let us know the detailed problem and send us some pictures for confirmation. Please make sure that item has NO man-made sabotage. Used items will not be accepted for return. All emails will be responded to within. Special circumstances will be listed clearly in the listing. Please do check everything carefully after you received the parcel, any the damage except DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) would not be covered if it’s your fault. Tough Equipment & Tools, Pay Less. VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. 1.5 Hp/ 2 Hp Speed Pool Pump. What a fantastic swimming pool pump it is! The pump adopts a reinforced ABS shell and copper motor to provide excellent self-priming suction power and optimal flow. Our above-ground pool pump has ETL certification to ensure recognized standards for security. Don’t hesitate to get one!! 1.5 HP/2 HP Premium Quality Copper Motors. Power: 1100 W/ 1500 W, Horse Power: 1.5 HP/ 2 HP, Voltage: 115 V / 230 V. 1 x Swimming Pool Pump. 2 x Interfaces/ 4. Voltage: 230 V/ 115 V. Horse Power: 1.5 HP/ 2 HP. Power Supply: 1100 W/ 1500 W. Flow Rate: 42/ 44/ 88/ 90/ 92 GPM. Head Lift: 10/ 13/ 43/ 49/ 56 ft. High Speed Amps: 2.2/ 2.7/ 4.8/ 6.4/ 9.6/ 12.8 A. Water Temperature: 0-40/ 32-104 °F. Here we provide you with 4 types of swimming pool pumps for your option: 2 HP Single Speed, 1.5 HP Single Pump. 2 HP Variable Speed, 1.5 HP Variable Pump. 1.5 HP/2 HP Premium Quality Copper Motors: Voltage: 115 V / 230 V. A pure copper motor with stainless-steel motor shell provides not only an efficient and stable running but also has built-in thermal protection. Our swimming pool pump is a perfect option for circulating water filtration, constantly keeping your swimming pool crystal clear and sanitary. Corrosion-proof ABS Material: Different from others, our spa pump adopts an ABS shell and stainless steel shafts withstand harmful substances season after season. One-piece structure features non-leakage against wear and tear. Even water containing disinfectants can use this pump. Efficient Water Circulating System: Max. Water Temperature: 104 °F. Our pool pump has single speed pump and two alternative speeds pump. Continuous flow rate can lift higher water flow for efficient water circulation. The engineering plastics impeller can have 1750 / 3450 RPM while maintaining a low noise to filter impurities quickly. What’s more, the transparent lid gives you a clear view to timely clean up the detachable extra-large filter basket. Quality Standard for Security: We always focus on the security standards of our electronic motors. Our single-speed pool pumps have successfully passed ETL certification, letting you enjoy your pool with ease of mind. An earthing terminal is also set to connect the line on the ground for an extra layer of security. Pump up the heat and enjoy our quality pump all summer long. Wide Application: The speedy pool pump is ideal for in-ground & above-ground pools, hot tubs, thermal springs, spas, and irrigation systems. Moreover, it can be applied to storable pools. It will bring you a clean and clear water environment, so you enjoy your pool all summer long. Please fill the pump with water to keep the motor from overheating for the first use. During extreme weather conditions, do not keep electrical components operating. CA & TX & NJ & GA & NC &OR WAREHOUSE. All emails will be responded to within 12-24 hours. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Pools & Spas\Pool Equipment & Parts\Pool Pumps”. The seller is “home-sports” and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Size: 2.0HP 115-230V
  • BTUh Heating Rating: /
  • Model: 1.5HP/2.5HP
  • Speed: Single-Speed
  • Max. Temp: 104 Degree Fahrenheit (40 Degree Celsius)
  • Rated Power: 1.5HP, 2.0HP, 2.5HP
  • Pump Housing Material: PPGF30 + PC (anti-Oxident)
  • Item Height: 11.4\
  • RPM: 3450/min
  • Power Cord: 59\
  • Pool Type: In Ground &Above Ground
  • Item Width: 9.6\
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Color: Black
  • Energy Star: A+++
  • Frequency: 60HZ
  • Max. Flow: 6500 GPH
  • Tank Capacity: /
  • Type: Pool Pump
  • Installation: Universal Installation
  • Item Weight: 26lbs
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime
  • Amperage: /
  • Material: ABS, Copper, PVC, Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Features: Easy Assembly, Easy Installation, Noise Vibration Reduction, Portable, Rust Resistant
  • Item Length: 22.4\
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Set Includes: Swimming Pool Pump, Fittings, Full Instructions
  • Suitable For: Above Ground Pools, Inflatable & Kid Pools, In Ground Pools
  • Certification: UL Certification
  • Qmax: 410 L/min
  • Hmax: 15.5 Meter
  • Horsepower: 1.5HP/2.2HP/2.5HP
  • Recommended Pool Volume: /
  • Amper: 10.8/5.4A
  • Motor Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 110-120V/220V-240V

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